New Honda CB Twister 2023: best performance

The new Honda CB Twister 2023 comes with updates, one of which is better performance, in addition to having a new model. Check out!

This new release from Honda, which brings updates to the CB Twister, has generated great expectations among customers, because this bike has many qualities.

This model underwent changes in its appearance, so its design refers to the Hornet 750.

Although enthusiasts for this model have found some similarities, they still say that it is perfect.

Although this motorcycle was developed in Brazil, it has characteristics that belong to Honda line motorcycles, such as pointed headlights.

In addition, it will feature a bench with separate seats, new fairing and wheels, so that it has a sporty and robust look.

And of course, there were updates to the engine of this bike, after all, the intention of the new release is to make this model more powerful compared to the previous one.

In this way, the upper part of the cylinders and the head were changed, because the displacement increased, going from 249.5 cm³ to 293.5 cm³.

These modifications don't stop here!

Because of the aforementioned changes, Honda has increased the piston diameter to 77mm, although the stroke has remained at 63mm.

Therefore, the CB Twister 2023 has a flex system, with 2 intake valves and 2 exhaust valves.

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Regarding power, you will have a motorcycle that can reach 24.7 horsepower at 7,500 rpm when fueled with ethanol.

Remembering that it makes 2.6 kgfm at a torque of 5,500 rpm, which compared to the previous model is an increase of 2.1 hp and 0.3 kgfm of torque.

And of course, the update that enthusiasts liked the most, the clutch gained a new transmission system that makes the drive lighter.

Available in three colors, you get a bike with 6 speeds and a tank capacity of 16 liters.

Therefore, being a powerful motorcycle and with an expected price, it is a great purchase option for those who want to acquire the new one. Honda CB 300F Twister 2023.

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Source: Motos2023