Honda NT1100 2022: everything you need

THE Honda NT1100 offers everything you need in a motorcycle. It was built to have a high performance within the city.

The new Honda NT1100 can be both a sports bike and a touring bike.

The NT1100 has top/bottom baffles that provide excellent wind protection.

When it comes to the seat, it is 82 cm high, comfortable for two people and offers a seating position. flexible riding.

And the advantages don't stop here!

The NT1100 has a 20L fuel tank, allowing you to achieve 400 km (WMTC mode).

It even has three standard riding modes, URBAN, RAIN and TOUR, which allow you to fully customize engine power.

The twin-cylinder engine offers strong performance from low rpm.

With a peak torque of just 104 Nm, just what you need for effortless overtaking.

On top of all that, the engine has a 270-degree crankshaft that creates a distinctive exhaust sound.

But, if you want, you can change the engine level for more sporty performance.

The six-speed DCT is an option if you want to change gears, the triggers give you quick control.

Regarding technology, Honda has not left out technological advances.

You will have access to an easy to read dashboard. The 6.5″ TFT touchscreen offers three levels of information to suit individual preferences.

Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth connectivity allow for smartphone access such as navigation, music and calls.

You'll still get the help of the Selectable Torque Control from Honda, giving you extra confidence to ride in wet conditions.

Finally, you'll still get an Emergency Stop Signal sensor with automatic cancellation, indicating a difficult stopping situation for those behind.

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Source: Honda