The Beast is back!! New Honda CB400 Super Four 2023

See how the new Honda CB400 Super Four 2023, an iconic motorcycle from the Japanese brand, turned out.

So the CB400 remains a standard bike in the incredible 399 cc series. The model was produced in Japan by Honda from the year 1992 to the present day.

This new CB400 is a mix of the old model, with a modern touch, and full of technology.

A motorcycle with retro style, which continues with the in-line four-cylinder engine.

Honda launched this machine, with the “Super Four” model, to remember the old model that was a great success.

The bike has a unique style, which is very reminiscent of the previous model. This is to see if lovers of the legendary CB400, remember the old days, but with the safety and technology of today.

By the time Honda launched the CB400, the model had become a classic that everyone wanted. It became famous all over the world.


According to some information, this new model has not yet come to the Brazilian market. But it would certainly be the dream of many lovers of the model.

Even though the bike didn't change much in design, Honda decided to improve power and reduce pollutant emissions.

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Currently this bike was launched in Japan, a model made for a very specific audience. The CB400 Super Four was made for the rider who doesn't want to have a very big bike, but doesn't want to ride the smaller ones either.

A totally useful motorcycle for everyday life, with power and a lot of comfort for the rider.

Being a four-cylinder, it must have an incredible snore. One of the things the biker wanted most on his bike, that Formula 1-like roar.

The value of this 2023 Honda CB400 Super Four model is U$10,000, something around R$50,000.00 converting directly from the dollar to the real.

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