Meet the new CB300F Twister 2023

The new CB300F Twister is one of the models that Honda will launch this year, being one of the most anticipated motorcycles by customers, understand why below.

Honda is bringing this model completely innovated with updates both in the mechanical part and in the design.

Announced at the end of last year, Honda released the price of this bike only this year, which will cost around 18 thousand reais.

Honda promised that this model with the new updates will be available at dealerships later this month, but while it still doesn't arrive, let's check out the news of this model.

Bringing a lot of news, you will have a Honda CB300F Twister 2023 had its entire exterior redesigned.

You will have a bipartite style seat, thus giving the bike a sporty look, referring to the CB 500F model.

Regarding the engine of this motorcycle, know that you will have the following characteristics, a steel tabular chassis to guarantee greater resistance and agility.

Also, the suspension part has been updated, it now has a 41mm fork and 130mm of travel.

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And it doesn't stop here!

At the rear you have a double-spring damper and a steel swingarm with a 120 mm stroke.

And of course, engine power could not be left out of these updates.

Now you will have a 24.7 hp engine with a maximum torque of 2.28 rgm.f at the same rpm.

Remembering that when fueled with gasoline it can reach up to 24.5 hp of power at a rotation of 2.24 rgm.f.

That is, the power of this bike has increased by 9 % while the torque has increased to 15.5% more than the previous model.

To prevent the engine from overheating, the Honda put a bigger oil radiator, so you'll be able to use all the power of that engine without fear.

Finally, know that the lighting is of the LED type and a USB type input to recharge your smartphone located on the left side panel.

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