GM leads the US market in 2022

Know that GM led the US automobile market during the year 2022. Keep reading and find out in more detail!

General Motors was the biggest seller of cars in the United States throughout the year 2022, thus passing its Chinese competitor Toyota.

It is estimated that GM sold around 2.25 million units in 2022 alone, thus having an increase of 3% in its sales compared to previous years.

Remembering that in 2021 the Toyota dominated the market in the United States, thus being a reason to celebrate.

In 2021 Toyota managed to pass the number of sales compared to GM due to the lack of manufacturing resources.

Because of this lack of components, Toyota overtook GM for the first time in about 90 years.

Another very important point is that last year, Toyota's sales dropped by around 9.6%, thus having only 2,108,458 vehicles licensed in the United States.

What we can conclude is that the GM faced some difficulties, but proved capable of overcoming adversity.

And, to continue leading the market, the President of North American GM said he will bet on electric cars.

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To this end, the Detroit company has already opened a battery cell production plant in Ohio, which allows it to produce electric vehicles on a larger scale.

Being something that the automaker had as a goal since the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021.

In addition, GM continues to launch new fuel-powered models and update others, such as the new generation of the Colorado medium pickup truck, a more powerful version of the Silverado and the unprecedented Trax SUV.

Finally, know that currently, only the battery-powered SUV model BZ4x is sold in the United States.

With these new versions, GM intends to gain more customers, in addition to keeping those that are already in the house.

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