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Possible electric SUV 2026 Corvette

With the popularity of electric cars, see below what the possible SUV EV from the Corvette brand would look like. Learn more and happy reading!

As SUVs dominate the automotive market, it was only a matter of time before General Motors explored the possibility of using the iconic SUV nameplate. Corvette in a high-performance vehicle.

Recent reports suggest that Corvette will soon become its own brand, with plans to offer a sporty crossover and a four-door low-slung coupe alongside various versions of the traditional two-door sports car.

While the Corvette SUV isn't expected to launch until 2025, we've gathered all the information available at this point.

But then, what do enthusiasts imagine this car to be like?

The crucial part for the designers is not only to do the historic nameplate justice, but also to allow enough differentiation between the high-performance Corvette and the plethora of sporty-looking crossovers and SUVs from other GM brands.

It is essential that the new model does not just appear as a sportier Chevrolet Blazer. For this, the design must be more exotic, aggressive and premium.

Though we haven't yet received any indication as to the design direction or shape GM has chosen for the upcoming Corvette SUV.

There are several possibilities ranging from an elegant and muscular crossover coupe with four doors and a liftback, similar to the Ferrari Purosangue, to a proposal that is more reminiscent of an Aston Martin DBX or a Lamborghini Urus or perhaps something else entirely.

To explore these possibilities, we created a series of speculative renderings using digital software and artificial intelligence with our guidance and input.

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Introducing different formats and shapes to illustrate the various options available.

In any case, the Corvette SUV is likely to feature large-diameter alloy wheels and a muscular body. Despite the difference in size and proportions, it may take inspiration from the C8 Corvette, although the design language will likely evolve at the time of its launch.

The zero-emission powertrain makes the typical oversized air intakes obsolete, so designers have to find other solutions to make the SUV look sportier.

Ultimately, information on the zero-emission Corvette SUV remains scarce, but the EV is expected to utilize Apple's Ultium architecture. GM, featuring a high-density battery with 800 V technology, capable of fast charging at 350 kW.

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