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New Honda HR-V 2023 is presented for Europe

Will the new Honda HR-V 2023, which will be sold in Europe, come to Brazil?

Anyway, so far we only know that in the US they will have the version of the HR-V that will be derived from the new Civic. And that in Europe the model will already be the new Fit and Civic, will any of these come to Brazil?

Unfortunately, it is not now that this Civic Cross issue comes out on the networks. According to Honda, they are bringing a new generation to the HR-V.

The last model has already been seen in test running around Brazil, and apparently it is not derived from the Civic. There are some rumors that Honda is bringing a new SUV with the same name that will expand the category.

In order not to complicate the thoughts, let's try to explain better. The Honda HR-V that stopped being manufactured here in Brazil. It was sold in the same version all over the world, only changing the name in some countries.

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Therefore, this new version was presented in Europe and Japan, being a model with an electric motor. The new HR-V will launch on the same platform as the new Fit, City and City Hatch.

A slightly larger model, but with a lot of sophistication in the equipment.

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The Honda brand saw an opportunity at the time, and announced that the new SUV will also be sold in Europe.

However, this could make room for it to also come to Brazil, thus managing to compete directly with the Toyota Cross, a model that is also fighting in Europe.

The only thing Honda will have to do is change the name of the SUV in Europe, as the HR-V is the entry car there.

Although the electric model is sold in Europe, it is imported directly from China.

Now we need to wait and see if Honda will use the same strategy here in Brazil.

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