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Volkswagen Amarok 2023: new pickup truck

The Volkswagen Amarok 2023 has just arrived in the Brazilian automobile market. Being from the pickup segment, VW brings updates over the previous model. Check out!

If you are passionate about cars of style pickup, because you will like the new Amarok 2023.

Among the updates to the Volkswagen Amarok, you will notice that the side of this pickup now has a more pronounced and recessed crease towards the interior of the vehicle.

In addition, this new design combines with the construction of very straight lines.

And the external updates of this car don't stop here!

Regarding the rear of this car, VW has placed the Amarok logo and name in great prominence.

At the front, the headlights have a similar format to the letter C, remembering that this design is present in other models of pickup trucks in the Volkswagen line.

Finally, on the front you will also find creases like those on the sides that make the car more robust and with an air of wildness.

In this way, as you can see, Volkswagen has changed the external appearance of this car a lot compared to previous generations, thus making the Amarok more sophisticated.

Volkswagen released the first Amarok 11 years ago, since then it hasn't made any major updates.

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VW also updated the interior of this car, making it now more spacious with almost 2 meters wide and more than 5 meters long.

You will have a 300 hp engine, six gears, in addition to being available in four versions. Although it is not yet known whether these four versions will be released in Brazil.

Costing between 250 and 300 thousand reais, this car will arrive later this year in the Brazilian market.

A curiosity about the manufacture of this car is that until then it was manufactured in Argentina, but now it will be manufactured in South Africa.

Therefore, in order not to be left behind compared to its competitors, VW made significant updates to this version of Amarok 2023.

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