Viper motorcycle with 500 horsepower V10 engine

This is an amazing Viper motorcycle with a V10 engine generating 500 horsepower, it really is a two-wheeled monster.

Allen Millyard is the scientist fascinated by motorcycles, he has made some creations in the past, and he just presented this amazing project.

The motorcycle with V10 engine was built in the year 2009, but only now that its images have been released.

The scientist posted a video showing his creation on his You Tube channel.

Allen is always servicing this bike of his, at least for the annual inspections.

The bike has been stopped for a long time, we just don't know the real reason, but it must be due to the owner's lack of time.

This motorcycle was made entirely by hand, and oddly enough, it was made to run on the streets normally. The model has already driven approximately 15,000 miles, marked on its odometer.

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With an 8.0-liter V10 engine, generating approximately 500 hp of power. Such an engine is certainly the heaviest weight on the bike, with a total of 340 kg of pure engine.

With the V10 engine, Allen had to adapt a frame for this model.

So with such an engine, the bike can have its final speed of 434 km/h, but in a test it managed to reach 322 km/h.

This is all because Allen put an extra ECU map, to inject fuel in overtaking. Generating an absurd spin to propel the bike forward.

Anyway, we just finished talking about an amazing project made at home, just for those who are passionate about motorcycles.

Check out the image in the gallery below:

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