Projection of the New Hornet 2023 that will be Honda's big bet

New Hornet 2023 will be the big bet of the Japanese brand Honda!

We know that the Honda Hornet has always been the dream of many people. That's why Honda is bringing its model back, a model that will fight hard with competitors.

We still don't know the exact date for the grand launch of this amazing machine. We only know that Honda reported some things to the press, at an international event, at the Milan Motor Show.

Probably your new 2023 Hornet model will only be released in late 2022 or early next year.

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After all, another thing that they haven't informed yet, is if this model comes to Brazil. So far Honda has only released a few images and a video to show how the bike can reach the market.

Therefore, this new model of the Honda Hornet 2023 was presented at an event in Italy in the form of a projection, that is, this model does not yet exist, it was only with digital presentation.

The good thing is that this way we can get a sense of how the new Hornet will arrive.

If we talk about its amazing design, we can see that this project was very modern and with some similarities with Ducati's Streetfighter bikes and with the KTM 890 Duke, which are the top nakeds on the market, so far.

For sure it will be a very robust bike, with its very imposing front, bringing that tank a little wider, and with the rear well inclined. Some elements often used in competitors' models.

At the Milan event, Honda stressed that in its new 2023 Honda Hornet model, it will combine a very modern design, will be agile to drive and will also have a very strong engine.

It is not yet certain, but it may be that the new Hornet does not come back with a 600cc engine, but with a more powerful engine of up to 800cc.

Finally, it may arrive creating a new category of motorcycles. We are waiting for its official presentation, which could happen until the end of the year.

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Unfortunately after the Honda Hornet went out of line and stopped its manufacture in 2014 in Brazil, the model left several fans missing it.

So we are waiting for this launch, we hope that the new Honda Hornet arrives soon here in Brazil. Looking forward to meeting this new machine!

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