Kawasaki launches Z900 celebrating 50 years of Model Z

Kawasaki developed a Z900 to celebrate 50 years of the incredible Model Z, which has always been the brand's success.

Therefore, Kawazaki's Z line has always been a superior model, which has been fighting with competitors since the 1980s, in the Naked category.

In this new model of the 50th anniversary special edition of the model Z, the brand developed a design with special colors, they added some details in blue and silver, to highlight the traditional red of the brand.

So they even made a commemorative emblem of the 50th anniversary of the Z model, all special in premium material to stick on the front fender.

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Finally, to make the model even more attractive, they painted the wheels red with silver stripes, and the frame in glossy black.

Together with a 948cc engine, generating incredible power, the Z900 will provide a very imposing handling, counting on the great performance of the machine.

In addition, the bike arrives with state-of-the-art electronics, the Kawasaki Z900 combines absurd power with cutting-edge technology.

The Z900 was Kawasaki's big bet to dominate the super nakeds category.

With the Kawasaki TRaction Control (KTRC) system, the Z900 has three riding modes, one more suitable for those who don't have much experience with fast motorcycles, it also has an intermediate mode, and a mode that the bike is completely in your hand. , with all possible power, for more experienced pilots.

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The sporty ergonomics of the bike allow a rider position and riding experience that is much more confident and well connected with the bike.

However, the chassis of this model of the Z900 is much lighter, narrower and very strong.

They've put a lot of effort into the front and rear suspension settings, which are also designed to match the frame better.

The tires are Dunlop Sportmax Roadsport 2, which are made of high-grade rubber, increasing their grip with the asphalt.

This model is built from the super naked Z900 SE, which is equipped and updated to deliver a great riding experience that is more aggressive and comfortable.

The Z900 SE comes with a Brembo branded front brake system, and features some of the highest quality suspension components.

Finally, with the amazing Öhlins rear shock absorber, to improve even more performance and safety.

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