Check out some of the best motorcycles from the 70s, 80s and 90s

Are you by any chance that person who really likes old motorcycles?

Unfortunately, we know that models from the 70's and 80's are already super valued and with absurdly expensive prices!

So in this article, we'll show you some motorcycle options from the 70's, 80's and 90's that are great but for being old models. They are practically relics, they are highly valued models in the Brazilian market!

So for sure we know that there are a lot of interesting bikes that were made at that time.

If we stop to think about what was, or what is the best bike from the 70s, 80s and 90s until today, we are sure to have many different opinions. Some will think of the simplest models for walking, some will say they prefer trail models, and there will also be people talking about the most sporty ones of the time.

We analyzed all this, and made a list of the most emblematic models of the 70's, 80's and 90's, the great time that marked the lives of many people.

1 - Honda CG125
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Anyway, we know that the Honda CG 125 is the Beetle of motorcycles. The motorcycle was launched in the year 1976, and it was the first motorcycle model that was manufactured here in Brazil. A motorcycle with its very simple mechanics and very economical,

So the amazing Honda CG 125 was the market leader and still is. It ended up being the best-selling motorcycle in the country. It was still largely responsible for popularizing motorcycles among most people, at that time when it was launched and even in the coming years.

2 - Honda CB400

In 1980, the incredible Honda CB400 arrived, which was launched as a motorcycle of another category, much superior in terms of comfort and performance.

It soon became a favorite among buyers who had more money. Finally, the new Honda mode was very quiet, and had an innovative two-cylinder engine with an absurd power compared to the models of competitors at the time.

Despite being smaller than the CB750, it was the Japanese brand's big bet for the replacement, due to imports that had already stopped for four years.

The Honda CB400 remained on the market for 14 years, counting on the evolution model, the incredible Honda CB450.

3 – Yamaha DT180

The Yamaha DT180 was introduced in 1981, bringing to the market a new segment, being a motorcycle for mixed use.

The bike was either for the city or it also rode well on dirt roads. The DT, including the 180N and 180Z, remained on the domestic market until 1997.

XL 250R

Gradually the scenario changed, and in 1982, Honda launched a new generation called the XL 250R, it was launched worldwide and started to run in Brazil to do tests.

This bike was a brand new project, finally with another design, innovating with looks of the new decade. The XL 250R arrived more robust, with its straighter lines and finishes in black, instead of being chrome.

Honda CBX 750F

This incredible model was sold in Brazil between 1986 and 1994. The famous Sete Galo was the evolution of the Honda CB750, the great legend that has been a success since the late 60's, all over the world.

We know that the first CBX 750Fs that were sold in Brazil were imported, so it ended up getting the nickname “Sete-Galo” because of the animal game.

At that time, there was nothing like it on the national market, which made me want to own or ride this machine.

However, in the next year, the motorcycle started to be manufactured here in Brazil, with part of the imported parts. Finally, the Honda CBX 750F continued to be manufactured until 1994, and until then had a little more than 11,000 motorcycles sold in that period.

Yamaha Ténéré

It was a success at the time, with the name inspired by the desert that was crossed in the old Paris-Dakar Rally, the Yamaha Teneré was a very robust motorcycle, also for mixed use. At that time it came out with a very strong engine, practically a tractor on two wheels.

It was launched in the Brazilian market in 1988, was manufactured in Manaus and continued to follow the same model as the Teneré manufactured in Europe, since 1985. Therefore, the model was the pioneer in using electric start in this segment.

Finally the Yamaha RD 350

In 1973, Yamaha launched a motorcycle that would definitely mark the history of motorcycling around the world, the incredible RD 350. Its production lasted two decades and marked that generation a lot.

So it even got a very cruel nickname at the time, which was "Black Widow".

Developed in Japan in 1973, the famous “Black Widow” had few units brought to Brazil, before prohibiting the purchase of imported products.

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It had a two-stroke engine, with 55cv of power, which gave a performance well above its competitors, the RD 350 came out together at the start, with the Honda CBX 750.

Finally, the model had a new styling after the year 1991, and it brought round headlights and different forks. However with the tires a little wider, to look like the competitor CBR 450SR.

After Brazil released imports, the RD350 ended up losing some space. So in March 1993, it stopped being sold here in Brazil, but it continued to be made and sold for export, until the model was discontinued in 1995.

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