Top 5 city bikes

If you're looking for the best city bike options, you've come to the right place.

After all, there are those motorcycles that are more suitable for use in urban stretches, as they bring more comfort and practicality.

However, as you may have noticed, there are many options on the market and selecting the one that makes the most sense is not an easy task.

So, to help, we have selected here 5 best models for you to run in the city. Check out!

1 – Yamaha Fazer 250

Let's start by talking about the Yamaha Fazer 250, a model that is already in its 3rd generation and is an excellent choice among motorcycles to ride in the city.

So, with it you have excellent comfort, since it does not heat up the area where the driver's legs are.

Also, it has fuel economy and some important features like:

ABS brake;

Two-tier bench;

Disc brakes.

2 – Honda XRE 300

Occupying the 2nd place on this list of city bikes, you have the Honda XRE 300.

Thus, in it you have two points that are important and that every driver loves: comfort and modernity.

However, this is a more robust model, so you must be at least 1.70 tall to ride the Honda XRE 300 with peace of mind.

3 – Kawasaki Versys-X 300

The Kawasaki Versys-X 300 is a motorcycle model that attracts because of its versatility.

Therefore, we are talking about a motorcycle with an urban footprint, but at the same time off-road.

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So, in it you have the two-level bench, in addition to standard luggage racks and spoked wheels, for example.

For this reason, it is a motorcycle model that works very well in the city routine, on urban roads, and is also quite safe.

4 – Honda CB 500X

The Honda CB 500X is another among the city motorcycle models that you can buy with peace of mind, it's no wonder Honda's best-selling MaxTrail.

As before, it works very well on public roads, but it is also a model that runs well on roads.

So with it you have:

LCD panel;

Full LED lighting;

GPS support and much more.

5 – Dafra Horizon 150

Finally, closing our list of city bikes, you have the Dafra Horizon 150, an interesting model for those looking for good ergonomics.

In this way, the bank has a very interesting space and you still have:

LED lantern;

Front disc brake system;

Alloy wheels and much more.

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