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Renault announces that Scenic will be its new electric SUV

Renault has revealed that it already has the Scenic project in an all-electric version.

See in our exclusive images, which show how the model can look in this version of the Scenic that will be released by the year 2024.

After all, within the company they have a system called 'Renaulution' and they say that Renault is ready to take another step and bring the Scenic again, now with a totally different concept, confirmed the company.

When the Scenic came out in 1996 as a slightly more familiar version of the Megane, the Scenic didn't leave UK price lists until last year. Just because buyers were already buying the SUVs.

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For this and other reasons, it's no surprise that the new Scenic 2024 is being made as an SUV.

This new model will feature the CMF-EV platform, which will be fully electric, the same as the new Megane E-Tech Electric.

We still don't know, but probably their next model will compete with Volkswagen's ID.3 hatch, while the Scenic has been fighting with the ID.4 SUV.

We at Giro dos Motores have no information on the date this model will be on sale, but we know that the new Scenic E-Tech Electric will arrive by the end of 2024.

Renault manager Luca de Meo said in an interview: “This concept will herald a product for the future. When we develop some concepts, we want to turn them into real cars.”

The Scenic 2024 will only be available in the five-seat model. When asked at last year's Munich Motor Show if the CMF-EV platform could support seven seats, Renault executive vice president Gilles Le Borgne said it wouldn't be for that model.

That doesn't rule out a new model for the seven-seat Grand Scenic, on a CMF-EV platform, likely more for 2025.

We expect the New Scenic 2024 to follow a little bit of the Megane's design, which is a taller version in the style of the crossover, with some improvements in detail and in its style.

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Certainly the CMF-EV platform will allow two different versions of the Scenic to be offered on the market.

However, an entry-level version, with the cheapest price, with a 40kWh battery and a range of about 300km and would target buyers, people in urban areas.

Or a model with a 60kWh battery, which will probably be for those people who want to take their families on trips further afield.

The Scenic relies on the fast-charging system, which should allow it to charge from 15 to 80 percent in approximately 30 minutes.

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