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Discover all the details of the new Kia Sportage 2022

The model that just arrived from the Kia Sportage has a great duty to fulfill. Will it be able to challenge the best SUVs once again?

First of all we can say that this is considered the best project for Sportage to date, it seems to be sensational inside and out.

The company still needs to adjust prices to achieve and finally be able to unseat its competitors.

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We know that this new fifth-generation Sportage model is therefore still only designed for Europe, so it may only come to Brazil from 2023 onwards.

Kia has worked hard to give the New Sportage many points of difference, even knowing that much of this technology comes from its Korean brothers.

Starting with the looks, even though most cars are using the latest lighting technology, which is the amazing LED. The Sportage comes with boomerang-shaped LED lights on both sides.

Vehicle interior:

It has an automatic, rotary gear selector that sits behind the wireless phone charger.

Below the central screen are the air controls, fully digital and touch sensitive, you can also press the button to switch modes, they turn into hot keys for accessing the infotainment settings.

This accessory made the interior of the car look even better, but it's a little more difficult to use these functions, you need to read the instruction manual so you don't make a mistake.

There are many other smart features inside this vehicle too, including USB ports on the back of the seats alongside a handy hook, the headrests can be used as coat hangers or purses.

Former Sportage owners will find the total visibility from inside the car much better, not to mention that the steering wheel has become much more robust and much better to hold, thus giving the car a more sporty feel.

For sure the car holds up well in the curves without throwing the body too much, even though it's not a sports car, being a family SUV.

Vehicle engine:

The car's engine is the full hybrid, combining the power of 1.6 liter gasoline with a small 1.49 kWh battery, allowing the car to run for a certain period of time on the stored electrical energy.

In fact, it will do its best to save fuel and run on the electric motor.

So just drive slowly and at low rpm and it will save a lot, if you accelerate hard it goes back to fuel and recharges the electric battery.

With 226 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque, the car goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.7 seconds, slightly faster than the Tucson. Being an SUV, it is very strong and fast.

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At the launch of this model, you will be able to opt for a 1.6-litre hybrid engine with a 48-volt electric motor, to increase its performance, or the basic 1.6-litre engine with 148 hp.

The value of the new Sportage will reach approximately R$275,118.00. Is it worth paying all that for an SUV of this size?

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