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Best value for money SUVs

The SUV car category is very successful and is one of the fastest growing in Brazil.

This is because they are cost-effective vehicles, as they have good engines and excellent performance, in addition to a more robust design.

In addition, there are several models on the market and demand is very high. Therefore, today we have selected the best models with an interesting cost-benefit ratio. Come with us!

Hyundai Creta – R$ 119,000 to R$ 167.00

So, one of the SUVs car models that cannot be left out of our list is the Hyundai Creta. The vehicle had changes in August 2021 and is on the bestseller list.

So, there are 4 versions of it, which are:

Comfort 1.0;

Limited 1.0;

Platinum 1.0;

Ultimate 2.0.

So, now speaking of the engine, there are two:

The first 3 versions come with a 120 hp 1.0 Turbo GDI engine;

In turn, the top version, Ultimate 2.0, has a Scmartstream 2.0 L engine with 167 hp.

Jeep Renegade – R$ 97,000 and R$ 181,000

O Jeep Renagede is the best selling compact SUV model in Brazil. In addition, he is also well positioned in the world rankings.

As such, it has an extensive list of versions and engines. Just to give you an idea, in total, there are more than 7 configurations and 2 engines:

1.8 flex six-speed automatic transmission;

2.0 Turbo diesel nine-speed automatic transmission.

VW Nivus – from R$ 110.210

The VW Nivus draws attention for having a different design, we would even say bold. In addition to a good engine and other very interesting specifications.

So, speaking of the engine, it is equipped with 200 TSI Flex, so you have 128 hp and 20 kgfm torque.

In addition, this vehicle is coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission. In addition, there are two versions available on the market:



Chevrolet Tracker 1.0 Turbo – R$ 110,000 and R$ 131,000

Finishing our car list SUVs with better value for money, it is worth mentioning the Chevrolet Tracker 1.0 Turbo.

In 2021 alone, more than 36,000 units of this model, which is also compact, were sold.

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Thus, it is a sport utility vehicle and has an attractive and interesting design, in addition to a good internal space.

Even, depending on the version chosen, it may have some items, such as MyLink multimedia, Easy Park and up to 6 airbags. So, speaking of engine, the car uses the 1.0 Turbo Flex.

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