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Jeep announces that its first electric model will be for 2023

The Jeep brand has just announced that its new model for 2023 will be all-electric. Now in the electric compact SUV category.

We know that this is the first step towards the future. Now we need to wait until the middle of next year to find out how it turned out, and what the name of their project is.

The new Jeep model does not yet have a name, but its design is very similar to the Compass.

Anyone who already thinks the Compass is a machine, can expect that something is coming with another technology, totally innovative, 100% electric.

The project will be launched by the first half of 2023, and will be considered as the first Jeep car, powered entirely by an electric motor, even more being a model in the SUV category.

We have some information that the model will be a little lower than the Jeep Renegade, in terms of size. But in relation to technology and design, the car comes to fight with the big brands in the electric market.

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On the day of Jeep's 80th anniversary celebration last year. The brand manager said that they were studying to have a Jeep model completely free of emissions and pollutants.

He also stated that they are analyzing all types of segments to improve this issue.

Knowing that the Jeep Renegade is a B-segment model. Surely they will want to occupy this empty space with the new model that is coming.

From what I could understand, the Jeep brand is already working on other models. So, due to the difficulty they are having at the moment, they ended up analyzing and studying which would be the best to launch, until next year.

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They also said that the company was forced to run and develop the project faster. Because of the world market demand, which is updating every day.

So the Jeep company had enormous growth in a short period of time.

We still don't know if the model will use Stellantis' new electric technology, which the company announced at a 2021 event.

The model has batteries of up to 37kWh, which can run up to 400 kilometers on just one charge.

There's also a study that Jeep is doing that could power a vehicle with hydrogen energy. Therefore, it will only be released later, probably after the year 2026.

Finally, a promise they are making to revolutionize the automotive world.

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