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Chevrolet confirms 2023 Nova Montana for Brazil

New Chevrolet Montana 2023, a small truck that has just been confirmed to come to Brazil next year.

The automaker has invested around US$ 1 billion in an automaker in Mexico.

So we know that GM is betting a lot on this new project. We just found out that Chevrolet chose the automaker from São Caetano do Sul, Brazil to invest even more.

The total investment will be US$1.9 billion, converting into reais, the value will be over R$10 billion. A high value to totally modify the car's design and performance.

“This new 2023 Montana model will complete the Chevrolet brand pickup truck family,” said GM South America president, “Carlos Zarlenga”.

GM has not yet announced the name of this model, which is coming, but we know that it is already in development.

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With some bases on old Chevrolet cars, such as the famous Corsa and Agile, the new Montana 2023 comes with its normal or extended cabin, with two doors.

The engine of the new Chevrolet Montana 2023 has not yet been confirmed, but it could be the same as the Tracker, thus being a 1.2-liter turbo engine.

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The projection model was designed by the Brazilian artist and designer, “Kleber Silva” with some suggestions in the style of the Trailblazer and Blazer.

Anyway, the model ends up coming with a design update, this pickup was developed only for some markets in the world.

Therefore, in the United States, this low-cost platform from GM is called “VSS-F” which is a total of four platforms, the “Gamma”, “E2”, “D2” and “Epsilon II”.

We still don't have the information on when it will be presented, but probably by the beginning of next year, we will see some pictures of it. We are waiting with great anticipation.

Source: AutoEvolution

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