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Renault Clio 2024 with unmissable updates

The Renault Clio 2024 is a model that has unmissable updates. Keep reading and check out what's new!

O Renault Clio, one of Europe's best-known superminis, is in for a mid-lifecycle refresh, as the fifth-generation model is now four years old.

Following a recent spy appearance, our associates have created an accurate rendering of the facelifted model while we gather all available information on upcoming updates.

While some rivals like the Ford Fiesta are being discontinued, Renault wants to keep the Clio alive for at least a few more years, competing with the best-seller Peugeot 208, about to be refurbished, the Toyota Yaris and the VW Polo.

Thus, the refurbished Renault Clio will be sold in parallel with the upcoming Renault 5 EV, but not the similarly sized Zoe, which is supposed to face the ax soon.

The ICE-powered supermini is ready to be unveiled, as evidenced by a spy video that surfaced online last month and has since been removed.

It showed a fully camo-free Clio filming promotional footage next to a camera car in Turkey, revealing the updated front-end design.

The highlight of the facelifted model is the new boomerang-shaped LED fangs on the front bumper, which resemble the styling language of rival brands Peugeot and Stellantis DS.

That shouldn't come as a surprise given that Renault's head of design, Gilles Vidal, has spent the last decade as Peugeot's head of design.

Still, we have to admit that Renault's approach is a bit different, with the thicker DRLs below the aggressive headlamps being an evolution of the theme first shown on the Scenic E-Tech concept.

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Other changes include a simpler grille with new Renault badging and the omission of side bumper intakes.

The sculpted profile of Renault Clio will likely be retained, as is the case with most facelifts, but the company will likely add new alloy wheel designs and new color options.

We don't have photos of the rear, but we expect it to gain thinner and elongated LED taillights, as in other Renault Clio 2024 models.

This will allow it to differentiate itself from the previous fourth generation Clio, which admittedly looked very similar to the current fifth generation model.

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Source: Carscoops