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Cadillac launches 3 new EV models

The Cadillac brand announced that it will launch this year 3 new models of EVs, that is, electric cars. Keep reading and find out more about these cars!

Although two of the models are still a mystery, everything indicates that one of them will be an entry-level SUV-type crossover.

Rory Harvey, Global Vice President of cadillac, announced that the brand will launch three new electric vehicles later this year.

Harvey informed the press this morning that the new electric vehicles are expected to go into production next year, although availability may vary depending on the market.

At least one of the electric cars will be manufactured in multiple locations, which suggests production could take place in both China and North America.

While Cadillac One is keeping additional details under wraps, officials declined to say whether the upcoming models will be sedans or crossovers.

However, spy photographers managed to capture images of a basic crossover last year, which is slated to sit below the Lyriq.

It is believed that the model will be manufactured on the BEV3 platform, which is also used by the Lyriq, as well as the Chevrolet Blazer EV and the Equinox EV.

This latest model can give us a sense of the expected size of the new vehicle, although there is still no official confirmation at this time.

The other two EVs are more gimmicky, but Cadillac's EV plan includes a full-size SUV, several crossovers and "low-roof" models.

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These models are expected to include an electric Escalade and a seven-seat crossover, among others.

Speaking of electric vehicles, the cadillac reported that the Celestiq is expected to start production later this year and that production of the Lyriq is on the rise.

Rory Harvey said he is "pleased" with the progress he is making with the Lyriq and mentioned that approximately 1,000 units have been shipped in the last 30 days.

Additionally, all Lyriq Debut Edition orders must be filled by the end of Q1.

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