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Audi plans to launch Pickup for 2024

Other brands beware, Audi wants to launch a Premium Pickup by the year 2024.

We know that a lot of people always thought that Audi would never produce a pickup.

Finally, to show these people that they were wrong, the Audi brand has just announced that it has a project to develop a premium pickup truck by 2024.

So this project will be a big challenge for Audi, something totally new and that the company doesn't have any experience yet. A challenge similar to what Ferrari and Lamborghini had to launch their first SUVs.

For these companies, nothing is impossible, but a matter of time to develop any type of vehicle.

In the past, it was even more difficult to come up with a version of this for Audi, but for sure the company will go through this challenge very well.

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We can expect a great high-end pickup truck, which will come to fight with rivals, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi L200 and other pickup trucks in the category.

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With information from CEO Markus Duesmann, nothing is yet certain, but they are studying the possibilities.

Although the company has not yet revealed any details of the model, but they have already informed that they will soon have news to present.

It may be some mystery what they are doing, to arrive with the model ready and surprise consumers and competitors.

Audi may have outlined the strategy of launching its pick-up on the Amarok platform, as the companies have a partnership.

Now we just have to wait, according to information from CEO Markus Duesmann we will have news and the vehicle may arrive until the year 2024.

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