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Discover the New Fiat 147 Concept

Will the legend come back? Check out the projection of the New Fiat 147 Concept.

The new Fiat 147 Concept was made by design David Obendorfer in tribute to the incredible Pio Manzu. He made this projection from the Fiat 127 model, which was known in Brazil as the Fiat 147.

So over the years, this version of the Fiat 147 developed by David was seen on several automotive portals. The model certainly won the world and deserved to return to the streets.

With some information, the model was made in some special colors. Finally with new colors that gave a lot of style to the project.

Finally, we know that Brazilians were very fond of the old model. Therefore, it needed to be manufactured again in this new version, to enter the fight with the other brands.

This projection was a more modern interpretation of Pio's 127. A model that was considered the most economical, with a modern design and with many fans around the world.

The Fiat 127 project was first posted in 2013 by the amazing

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With some information from David, he preferred to leave the car with a vintage touch, and only modernize in some parts.

However, it will be a new car with “retro” traits of the most beloved models of the past. So it will definitely be successful if it returns to the market these days.

The only problem is that it can be released and already become old, precisely because of its style.

Despite being a car that brought together the past and the future, it was very flashy. A model that we can say that was inspired by the model that launched in 1971, with a lot of technology involved.

Source: Fixed World

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