Mobilete Caloi returns to the all-electric market

Caloi brand unveiled its new all-electric Mobilete and sold out in 24 hours.

The model was put up for sale on a sales website, worth approximately R$9,000.

Finally, in the 70s and 80s, Brazil had a great demand for mopeds. So we know that Mobilete Caloi was the most sought after at the time.

The Caloi brand even released the name of its new project to competitors, however one that was also very famous was the Monark Mobilete.

Mobiletes were the dream of any young person or teenager, it was the fever of the moment.

Earlier this week, Caloi announced and returned with the fully updated, electric model.

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Even the slogan that Caloi used in the ad was incredible, “The Legend is back”. Will that fever come back?

The entire project was developed by social networks and sales sites. The Mobilete Caloi ad sold all units in just 24 hours.

They are certainly looking to write a new history of this iconic model, which has marked generations.

Today the brand thinks totally about the environment and brought the Mobilete without combustion. So even before the owners receive theirs, there are complaints that there is no longer the snoring and smoke of the 2-stroke engine.

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The new Mobilete Caloi was developed with the design of the old model, but with some modern touches. Its frame remains similar to the old one, therefore with more technology and security.

The tires are much wider, making it more robust and more stable when driving.

This model is sure to sell a lot, plus it was very flashy with this retro style on an electric Mobilete.

The old model was gasoline and I still had to add oil two times to lubricate the engine and finally leave that smell in the air.

The new Mobilete Caloi 2022 was equipped with a motor in the hub, with 350W of power. That is, in addition to not spending fuel, not polluting the environment, in the end it will still be very silent.

Despite this, they still haven't said what the final speed will be, but we already know that the autonomy is up to 30km.

In this new concept, Caloi's new Mobilete will cross generations of fans, not only those of the past, but also young people today.

Thinking about how the model would be sold, Caloi decided to carry out sales through Mercado Livre, with deliveries throughout Brazil.

Only after March 31, 2022, will normal stores be able to start selling this model. Caloi's MSRP is approximately R$9,199.00.

Source: MotorShow and Digital Look
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