Honda Hornet 2023 with new updates

The new Honda Hornet 2023 with new updates is now available in Brazil. Keep reading and learn all about this bike!

Considered a motorcycle with a sporty and touring style, the updates that Honda intends to make on this model are already drawing sighs from the riders.

The Honda Hornet has been present in the Brazilian motorcycle market since 2004, so it is a motorcycle that can reach a speed of up to 200 km/h.

To better serve its customers, Honda is betting on a more dynamic design.

When it comes to power, the Honda Hornet 2023 has a 750 cm³ bi-cylinder engine.

In addition, you will have a 92 hp engine at 9,500 rpm and 7.6 kgfm at 7,250 rpm.

And the updates don't stop here!

Regarding its look, Honda left it in a more sporty style, removing the middle fairings, thus getting a more vintage footprint.

In addition, according to images released by Honda, this new launch resembles the CBR 750 RR model.

With LED lighting, the new hornet It has a rear handle for the passenger. With protective covers on the front suspension in golden color, it makes the look more harmonious.

When it comes to the dashboard of this motorcycle, know that you will have a rev counter clock at your disposal. In addition to having the speedometer, hour clock, engine temperature and much more on your digital panel.

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Since all this information from the digital panel will be indicated in the form of bars.

Another point that Honda bothered to change in this model is the lighting.

The Honda Hornet has an asymmetric headlight and two mini lamps in the fairing.

But after all, how much km / l can this bike do?

First of all, know that depending on the riding style, consumption may be higher or lower. But, in general, she usually does between 18.4 to 29.7 km.

This new release from Honda which will happen soon here in Brazil promises to compete with motorcycles of the same segment, costing around 40 thousand reais.

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