New Honda Hornet 2023

The new 2023 Honda Hornet is a huge improvement over previous versions and promises to be one of the most versatile motorcycles on the market. It includes a 600cc six-speed engine, plus a more advanced inverted Showa front suspension and dual rear shock absorbers for on-road stability.

In addition, the vehicle is coated with aluminum on its chassis, which keeps it light, even when loaded with the most varied configurations of trunks and accessories. With the new Hornet, Honda has also improved its footprint, with a longer wheelbase and an optimized disc brake system.

Features of the Honda Hornet 2023

1. Engine: The engine of the 2023 Honda Hornet will be an air-cooled 600cc in-line two-cylinder engine with maximum power at 8,500 rpm and maximum torque of 14.1 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

2. Speed: The top speed of the 2023 Honda Hornet will be around 200 km/h.

3. Clutch: The 2023 Honda Hornet will have a 5 disc soft oil multi-plate clutch and a fail-safe shifter.

4. Suspension: The 2023 Honda Hornet will have telescopic front suspension with drop-break adjustment and semicircular patella, with monoshock rear suspension and support hitch.

5. Brakes: The 2023 Honda Hornet will have dual disc brakes at the front with ABS and a drum brake at the rear.

6. Instrument panel: The Honda Hornet 2023 instrument panel will feature a digital and analog speedometer, gear indicators, partial and total odometer, clock, trip computer, fuel gauge, LED welding and supplementary lights.

Advantages of the Honda Hornet 2023

1. Powerful Engine: The 2019 Honda Hornet has a new 600cc DOHC engine that produces 78 hp of power and 64 Nm of torque. With this powerful engine, it accelerates very fast and also offers performance very close to that of a 1000cc motorcycle.

2. Modern style: Honda's new model adopted a very modern and attractive style, much like the brand's larger models. It has headlights with aerodynamic design, fuel tank with chrome details and a bold look.

3. High Reliability Engine: With the new engine, Honda is much more reliable than its previous models. The engine has an improved lubrication system that keeps the engine cooler, as well as other improvements that ensure greater wear resistance and longer performance.

4. Safety: Like all Honda models, the Hornet 2023 features safety features such as ABS brakes, which help to avoid possible accidents and reduce damage to them. In addition, Honda has also included other features such as LED lights and traction control that help keep the rider in control of the bike.

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