Toyota Tundra 6×6 Scorpion: high power

For those who like pickup trucks and powerful cars, the new model of the Toyota Tundra 6×6 is a great option.

Available in green, black and red, in the 2022 edition the Tundra came to compete with the F150 and RAM.

When it comes to big, powerful cars, Americans go to great lengths. While here in Brazil compact cars are the most sold, in the United States they are the most purchased pickup trucks, this shows how much Americans love cars in this style.

Thinking about it, in 2022 Toyota wasted no time and reinterpreted the old models.

Just to give you an idea of the external dimensions of this car, it is 5.80 meters long, thus being considered the third Japanese generation of the Toyota Tundra line.

And it doesn't stop here! Its powerful and efficient mechanics were designed for those who want to use this car on the roads, so the engine is a V8 type and has 318 horsepower with an upgrade of 550 hp.

To prove you're not kidding, it has a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Due to being a car designed for rural areas, it has six wheels made of aluminum (20 inches), the tires are BFGoodrich All-Terrain 315/60 R20 type. As for the suspension, it is special, being Bilstein, more resistant. 

Now if you don't give up a sophisticated car inside, know that the Tundra 6×6 Scorpion is all made of leather inside.

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In view of all these characteristics, it is clear that Toyota wanted to bring a military style, and it succeeded, the design of this car refers to army cars, being more robust and with more striking features.

Now, we can only hope that this beautiful car arrives in Brazil as soon as possible. After all, it is a perfect car for those traveling on dirt roads.

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