Japanese 2023 Honda CBR250RR with upgrades

The 2023 Honda CBR250RR arrived in the Japanese market with engine and fairing design updates. Check below for more details!

If the old bike was already powerful, imagine this new version of Honda CBR250RR.

Being considered a small sports car, this new model has a 240hp twin-cylinder engine.

Managing to reach up to 42 hp at 13,500 rpm and 2.5 kgfm at 10,750 rpm.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, so that this bike could reach that power, changes were made to various parts of the bike.

Therefore, changes were made to the piston rings, cylinder heads, camshafts and intake ports, all to improve the performance of the Honda CBR250Rr.

In terms of comparison with the previous version, these changes made it increase by 1 horse.

With liquid-type cooling, the engine of this motorcycle has a 6-speed gearbox.

And the advantages of acquiring this motorcycle do not stop here!

Regarding consumption, this bike can do up to 40.1 km / l, of course, if you run at a constant speed of up to 60 km / h.

But, in general, the average consumption of this motorcycle is 27.4 km / l.

When it comes to the displacement of this small sports car, it brings an interesting package for motorcycle lovers.

Honda brought a traction control, inverted-type front suspension (SFF-BP) plus an emergency braking alert system (ESS).

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That is, when assembling this motorcycle, Honda was concerned with its safety.

But, a doubt that many are is whether this bike will be launched in Brazil, after all, the Brazilian market does not have many options for small and sports.

It is worth mentioning that the old versions of this motorcycle have already been discontinued in Brazil and the company has not yet expressed an interest in returning to manufacture in the country.

Therefore, it is better not to create high expectations, as there are no great chances of it coming to the Brazilian market during this year of its launch.

But, if it came, it would cost around R$ 35 thousand, not counting the extra expenses.

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Source: Moto