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Saveiro VW 2024: with updates

The Saveiro VW after more than five years will receive new updates in its model to compete with Fiat pickup trucks. Check out!

The sloop of Volkswagen it had its last update in 2016, since then it has been the only small-sized one in this segment.

The good news is that the updates and this new model is already being tested here in Brazil.

The new model was spotted during a test on the Anchieta Highway, in São Bernardo do Campo (SP).

Among the updates of the Saveiro VW, it can be seen that the design of the bumpers was inspired by the Taos and the Polo Track.

It is worth mentioning that Volkswagen has not yet released images of the final car, everything that is known to date was seen by automotive consultants while the camouflaged car traveled along the highway.

And the updates don't stop there!

Because the front looks like Taos, for example, it is expected to have an “X” design.

In addition, you will have the bumper further back, which will increase the entry angle of the Saveiro.

This increase in angle will help the truck to travel better in places where the road is not smooth and is not well paved.

Because of these characteristics, many who are fans of this model believe that it will be a great model to hit the dirt road.

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Regarding the engine of this car, Volkswagen will keep the same engine, but the 1.6 MSI 16v, because in 2023 the manufacturer made adjustments to the line to meet the new rules of Proconve L7.

When it comes to power, know that with the Saveiro VW you will get up to 116 hp, while the torque is 16.1 kgfm.

Remembering that before it was only 120 hp and 16.8 kgfm previously.

Another aspect of this car that will probably remain the same is the gearbox that will be a 5-speed manual.

However, many are hopeful that the Volkswagen make a surprise and put a 6-speed gearbox.

Soon, if VW does that, this pickup will be more powerful and will be able to compete with the new Strada from Fiat.

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