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VW Boss 2024: the new electric generation of the Golf

The new VW Boss 2024 promises to be an electric Golf. That's right, Volkswagen is going a Golf EV, check it out!

Our automotive paparazzi have already spotted one golf updated in road tests, and Volkswagen has now confirmed that a new Golf is coming. CEO Thomas Schäfer told Spanish magazine AutoBild that a mid-cycle refresh for the compact hatchback will be introduced sometime in 2024.

In the long term, the German brand intends to keep the “Golf” name alive for the ninth generation. However, enthusiasts of that model believe it will be an EV.

In a previous review interview with Die Welt, Thomas Schäfer suggested that the Mk9 could be named “ID. Golf” and fit between ID.3 and ID.2 of 2025.

The VW CEO clarified that the zero-emission VW Boss 2024 (Golf) will have nothing in common with the ID.2. Viewed by ID. Life concept, the smaller electric car will be mounted on the Group's upcoming MEB Lite platform, developed for front-wheel drive cars.

The ninth generation Golf is a long way off considering the Mk8 facelift will be sold for at least three years. Realistically speaking, the next generation car is highly unlikely to arrive before 2028 at the earliest.

Meanwhile, the Mk7 will bring a bigger infotainment system. It could be the same 12-inch touchscreen debuting with the ID.3 facelift coming soon.

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A "quality offensive" is planned for future VWs, such as a return to conventional buttons on the steering wheel after the company was criticized for its cumbersome touch-sensitive controls. A new design language is also being worked on in an attempt to regain ground Toyota has been losing in the global sales race.

In 2022, the Japanese brand was number 1 with almost 10.5 million vehicles, while the entire VW Group sold only 8.3 million cars. The flagship brand saw its deliveries drop by 6.8% to 4.56m vehicles. Therefore, we can only wait for a new pronouncement from the Volkswagen.

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