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New Silverado WT 2024 now in EV version

The new 2024 Silverado WT will now be available in an EV version, meaning even heavy-duty pickup trucks are going electric.

This large pickup truck has a luxurious platform with an RST system, and the WT version was the base version for the creation of the Silverado EV that was presented by Chevrolet earlier this year, 2023.

GMC developed the ULTIUM platform for several vehicles, including the HUMMER and Sierra, but also used it when creating the Chevrolet Silverado.

Thus, this pickup will be offered in a luxurious version with the RST First Edition system or as a Work Truck (WT), where the customer will be able to choose at the time of purchase.

So customers who use the 2024 Silverado WT for work will have a low-maintenance, worry-free car for work.

In addition, it allows them to activate their tools directly from the vehicle that arrives at the construction site.

With a front fascia that looked like it was carried over from the Transformer series, the WT sports an unpainted black front bumper with an impressive bush guard to protect it.

As well as on the sides, the automaker installed protective plastic coating around the wheel fenders and on the side steps. Finally, at the rear, the same unpainted, scratch-resistant material for the rear bumper. Steel wheels were fitted, albeit with an option of alloys.

Inside, the WT features a design that contrasts with a high-tech look for the dual-screen dash and fabric upholstery that promises to be stain-resistant. In addition to having an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto design system.

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To the delight of Chevrolet pickup truck enthusiasts, as part of the standard package, the vehicle received AC and power windows for all doors. Thanks to the ULTIUM platform, the automaker was able to install a front trunk for the occupants' belongings and a modular rear bucket for tools and materials.

In addition, Chevrolet offers the option of offboard-type power of 10.2 kW, enough to work in the field, far from any socket. That is, if the battery runs out you won't need to stop your service.

The power of the 2024 Silverado WT comes with a twin-type engine configuration that delivers up to 510 hp, and it doesn't stop there, this vehicle can tow up to 3,628 kg, while the standard version manages around 9,071 kg.

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