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Mazda2 2024 with design updates

The 2024 Mazda2 with updates to its design, in addition to being available in new colors, promises to have a new look. Learn more below!

Mazda2 2024 is coming to the automotive market. But, before you jump into excitement, know that it's just a different-looking car and not an all-new generation, meaning one that comes with revolutionary interior upgrades.

Alterations made to the little car are limited, but will be welcomed by those looking to pick up the keys to one.

The changes start at the front with a new fascia that encompasses a revised grille that can be finished in black or the same color as the rest of the Mazda's exterior.

Designers for the 2024 Mazda2 incorporated a small color accent into the grille, finished in either yellow or red, depending on the model. All hatchback models, as well as the Mazda2 GT Sedan, have also been updated with a redesigned rear bumper, although you may need to look closely and shop around to notice the changes.

In this way, this new bumper also features a small colored detail to imitate that of the front grille.

Mazda has also introduced two new paint schemes for the 2024 model year, the first of which is dubbed Aero Gray Metallic and the second is coined Airstream Blue Metallic, meaning buyers now have nine types of exterior finishes to choose from. The Pure SP model also comes standard with a gloss black roof.

The changes made to the interior are a little more obvious than those made to the exterior. They include three colored trim pieces offered in Pure White, Mirror Black or Mint for the Pure and Pure SP models.

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The Evolve and GT variants, meanwhile, sport a black interior with red highlights for the seat stitching and air vents. THE Mazda2 GT also features partial leather seats, a red and black dashboard, dual polished exhaust tips and an aerodynamically inspired multi-spoke wheel design.

Mazda also cleaned up the design of all models except the Pure with a shark fin antenna.

Full powertrain details and pricing have not been announced. What we do know is that the new 2024 Mazda2 will launch in Australia in June, with deliveries starting in July.

Meanwhile, we can only keep an eye out and wait for the Mazda2 2024 model to arrive here in Brazil.

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