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Honda CR-V has new restyling scheduled for 2023

New generation of the Honda CR-V already has images circulating in the media and press, and should be presented in 2023 in the hybrid version.

In its sixth generation, the new version of the Honda CR-V was approved in Japan and should arrive in Brazil in mid-2023 and has hybrid mechanics.

The Honda CR-V is already known as one of the biggest successes of the Japanese automaker. Being since 1995 one of the best selling SUVs in the world.

It was pitched to be the direct competitor to the Toyota RAV-4, which was launched in the market the year before, in 1994.

The CR-V was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show, with its straight lines being almost square, and with its front inspired by the Honda Civic of that same year.

It was 4.52 meters long and also 1.75 meters wide, and a very robust design.

The first Honda CR-V had a 2.0-liter, 16-valve, in-line 4-cylinder engine that produced 131 horsepower.

In the country of origin of the Honda, the model had ABS brakes and side airbags, in addition to the innovative navigator on the dashboard.

Just like when it arrived in Brazil, in 2000, it brought in its model more discreet equipment such as a cassette player, front airbags and also air conditioning.

In addition, the model arrived in our country with the restyled front bumper, cover in its spare tire and with the engine much more powerful than when presented at its launch in 95.

At first the Honda CR-V was considered a light 4×4 vehicle, being pleasant in terms of comfort, internal space and performance.

However, the vehicle was heavily criticized because of the all-wheel drive that made a lot of noise, and also the inaccurate 4-speed automatic transmission.

The second generation of the CR-V was also inspired by the next version of the Civic, and was introduced in 2002.

Its front end has a more aggressive and sophisticated design. He became the inspiration for competing Chinese automaker Chery, which eventually produced the Tiggo.

Its rear got bigger lanterns and the spare tire remained hanging as in the previous model, and the door continued with the opening to the right side.

As well as its length that increased to 4.53 m, and the width increased to 1.78 m and the height decreased to 1.68 m. However, it kept the wheelbase of 2.62m.

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The differential of the second generation of the Honda CR-V was due to the increase in the capacity of the trunk, which rose from 444 to 527 liters. Therefore, in addition to the interior of the model, it also gained more space and refinement.

In the same way, it equipped the 2.0 model with electronic accelerator and i-Vtec system, boosting the engine and increasing its power to 150 horsepower.

Finally, in 2007, in its third generation, the model appeared more rounded and with modified headlights.

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However, in its fourth generation, the model suited the luxury crossover category. Arriving on the market in 2012 with a fuller version, with spare headlights under the grille and taillights extended to the glass.

In 2013, Honda incorporated the 2.0 flex version in its engine range, with gasoline power decreasing to 150 hp, while the alcohol version remained at 155 hp.

However, in 2015, its grille received a face-lift and returned to the opening below the protection, as in its third generation.

The last generation that was presented in 2017 hit the market with the 1.5 Turbo engine with 190 horsepower, the same as the Civic.

As well as in its interior with a more spacious and refined finish, an integrated 7-inch multimedia system with technological interaction with smartphones.

In addition to the safety features that have become one of the vehicle's biggest attractions, such as the forward collision warning.

Now we await the new restyling of the Honda CR-V, which should arrive next year as Honda's bet for the new generation of the crossover.

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