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New Fiat Fastback 2023: economical upgrade

The new Fiat Fastback 2023, in addition to bringing high technology, still maintains its economical engine. So keep reading and find out more!

At first, the Fiat Fastback it is being sold with the T200, 1.0 turbo 3-cylinder, and the T270, the 1.3 turbo.

In the 1.0 turbo engine you will have at your disposal a 125/130 hp engine and 20.4 kgfm of torque with the automatic transmission of the CVT type with 7 gears.

Meanwhile, the top version is the only one that has a 1.3 turbo engine, 180/185 hp and 27.5 kgfm.

The latter engine has a 6-speed automatic transmission.

It is noteworthy that all have only front-wheel drive.

Through this power, this car reaches a speed of 195 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 9.4 seconds.

What also got consumers excited was the design of this car.

If you observe, you will notice that the SUV-Coupe has an incredible version of the line, well differentiated.

This is because it is made of very resistant 87% steel and the trunk offers a lot of space, with 370 liters. That is, it is perfect for those who like to travel.

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With modern features, the Fiat Fastback brings new LED headlights, a grid that received the logo of the Italian automaker.

In addition to all this, the new fog lights were placed close to the ends of the bumper, thus giving the Fiat an air of modernity.

And as Fiat likes to serve its entire audience, the Fiat Fastback will have versions for all tastes.

So far, the manufacturer has announced that the Fiat Fastback 2023 will be available in three versions, the Audace Turbo 200 Flex CVT, Impetus Turbo 200 Flex CVT and the Limited Edition Turbo 270 Flex AT.

In order not to leave anything to be desired, Fiat made several accessories available, such as automatic and digital air conditioning, front and rear electric windows.

Finally, the entry model manages to do 7.9 km/l with ethanol and 11.3 km/l with gasoline running in the city, while with ethanol it can do up to 9.7 km/l and 13.6 km/l using gasoline on the road.

Costing a little over 130 thousand reais, the Fiat gathered all that is best in this new model.

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Source: Carros2023