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Volkswagen presents new Gol SUV 2023

The new Volkswagen Gol 2023 has already left the project and will be sold in Brazil.

So with this high in demand for SUVs, Volkswagen is intending to change the category of the famous Gol and follow the market trend.

The Gol was the best selling car for over 20 years here in Brazil.

With some information, the incredible Gol, which was launched in 1980, will be the next SUV of the German brand. It will be the entry-level model for SUVs from Volkswagen.

This new version of the Gol SUV even has a projection made by OverboostBR, of how it will look.

According to some information, this is the VW246 project, which will be one of the main investments in R$7bi, which will be made by the automaker here in the country.

This new Gol model will be mounted on the MQB platform, which is a little bigger than the older ones. Approximately 4.10 meters long, 1.78 meters wide and 1.46 meters high.

So far they have not yet informed which engine they will use in this new Gol SUV. But it will probably be a 1.0-litre three-cylinder 12V turbo engine, generating 128 hp of power.

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With a six-speed automatic transmission system or the option of a five-speed manual transmission.

Therefore, the New Gol SUV can be produced here in Brazil, at the Taubaté factory, the same place where the Voyave and Gol are already assembled.

Anyway, this new update has already been confirmed by the German brand.

Now we just have to wait for more information on when this new Gol SUV will be released.

Source:  OverboostBR and Fixed World

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