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Square goal was abandoned for more than 20 years

So this square Golzinho from the year 1989 was abandoned for more than 20 years. It's a 1989 Volkswagen Gol CL that has just been rescued from a garage.

Anyway, this Volkswagen Gol CL from the year 1989, in beige, has drawn a lot of attention in recent days. He drew attention for having been rescued from this garage in Caju, in the port region of Rio de Janeiro RJ.

So far we don't have much information about this car. However, this rescue had the images released by Instagram (Official Vintage Cars) and you will check it out in the gallery below.

This 1989 square Golzinho was found abandoned and remains all original from the factory. The model even has the owner's manual and some original accessories from the time.

It was launched in 1980, and was considered the greatest success in Volkswagen's history. So we know that Gol has always been the brand's success.

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With some information, the Gol was the first car that was produced in Brazil and exceeded 5 million units. Volkswagen for sure Goal has already been part of some moment in the life of every Brazilian.

Unfortunately, after four decades of history, the Gol will have its last production in the year 2023. Therefore, the model will be discontinued and will no longer be sold in the Brazilian market.

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