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New Chinese Beetle will have 544 horsepower and may come to Brazil

Known as the "Chinese Beetle" it will have two engines generating up to 544 hp of power.

This Punk Cat model, which was created and developed by Great Wall, will be launched in the Chinese market, but it has already been registered and can also be sold here in Brazil.

So the new Beetle was unveiled by Great Wall last year at the Shanghai Motor Show in China. The car is an electric compact, which had the reinterpretation of the Volkswagen Beetle.

Currently the car is known and called the Chinese Beetle, but its name is “Punk Cat”.

The great novelty revealed by MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), the car has two electric motors. One engine with 245 hp and the other with 299 hp, generating approximately 544 hp of power in total.

With some information, the car will have a top-of-the-line all-wheel drive version.

They also spoke of a version with a single engine, but did not inform about the power.

The Great Wall company left the car very similar to our Beetle. It kept the fenders similar, the round headlights and chrome bumpers, and the rear with characteristics of the oldest, close to 1950.

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In addition to the difference that the new Beetle is electric, it also slightly modified the size of the car. It got a little bigger, wider and with a longer wheelbase than the old model.

We still don't have information about the value of this car, but we know that it has already been registered for sale in Brazil.

The new beetle Chinese can be a great option for those who like old cars, but don't give up electric motor technology.

So we can only wait to see how much it will cost, when it starts selling here in Brazil. Because it's imported, it won't be cheap, but there are definitely people who buy it.

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