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Volkswagen Beetle 1300L year 1980 goes on sale for R$50 thousand

We just saw that the website Maxicar announced this Beetle 1300L from the year 1980, totally impeccable.

The car is for sale, and its sale value is nothing more and nothing less than R$ 50,000.00.

We are talking about an Incredible model of the Volkswagen Beetle 1300L year 1980, which has only 20,700 km on its odometer.

This car has always been in this same family, original model 100%, has never undergone any restoration.

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After all, the Volkswagen Beetle 1300L still has its owner's manual and the invoice from when it was purchased at the store.

With its interior in brown color, and in like new condition, without any kind of rips or patches.

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The amazing Beetle 1300L 1980 still has the plastics on the seats. Your dashboard doesn't even have the radio hole.

All its parts such as windows, headlights and lanterns have the original writings of the time, as it is an original factory model.

This vehicle is located in Porto Alegre, RS.

Brand: Volkswagen

Model: VW Beetle

Version: 1300L

White color

Year: 1980

Fuel: Gasoline

City: Porto Alegre

State: RS

Documentation: Fully up to date

Therefore, if you are interested in the car, you need to call the Maxicar people and see how to negotiate this incredible example.

Source: Maxicar

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