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Fiat 147 L 1979 all original and with 27000 km run until today

Even after more than 42 years, the Fiat 147 L from 1979 is still all original and with only 27,000 km driven to date.

Therefore, the model was the first car of the Fiat brand that was produced here in Brazil. Finally, it was launched at the 1976 Motor Show, in São Paulo, and inaugurated the automaker in Betim (MG).

Remembering that the Fiat 147 model was a derived version of the Italian Fiat 127 model, which was launched in 1971.

at that time the Fiat 147 came out with a 1,050cc engine and approximately 55 hp of power, only with a four-speed manual gearbox.

photo reproduction

It certainly was quick to fall into the general public's taste.

Anyway, even after it was discontinued, in 1986, the 147 certainly left a lot of stories around Brazil.

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This Fiat 147 that we are going to show in the images was an example with only 27 thousand km, which the incredible Reginaldo de Campinas found. Reginaldo who by the way is a great hunter of rare vehicles and zero km.

However, the vehicle that has survived for more than 40 years, still looks like it was new from the factory, which has just left the automaker.

This car is certainly a rarity and a true collector's vehicle.

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