New Toyota pickup already worries competitors

This new Toyota pickup hasn't even been launched and it's already keeping Fiat Toro and Ford Maverick up at night.

Until recently, the pickup truck market was completely divided between the Ford and Toyota brands.

Surely Toyota will not let this chance to dominate the market pass. It is not today that the brand is wanting to launch something to enter the fight of medium-sized pickups.

Even with the project that is not yet official, the news traveled around the world and very fast. It even reached the vision of automotive designers, who quickly developed their projection.

The artist who made this project is the Brazilian Kleber Silva, better known as Kdesign AG on his social networks. He used a lot of influences from Toyota's already released models, and mixed new techniques to give this amazing look to the compact pickup.

There were also some Fiat Toro and Hilux bases in this projection, all to make the model even more perfect.

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Even if the model is still just a virtual projection, it is already leaving competitors Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz with immense concern.

Probably the automaker is targeting this market in the US. So they will probably be able to release that model or something based on the new generation RAV4, which would be much more logical to try to dominate the category.

So now we just have to wait and see if they're really going to launch this new midsize pickup truck from Toyota. Which wouldn't be too bad.

Source: AutoEvolution and News portal

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