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New Toyota Bandeirante has project revealed

The new Toyota Bandeirante has just been designed, 21 years after its last unit was produced.

Therefore, Toyota Bandeirante was assembled here in Brazil in January 1958, under the name of Land Cruiser “FJ-251” from the “J5” series.

So the Land Cruiser that was produced here in Brazil, from the J5 series was innovating the J4 series that was Japanese.

The incredible Bandeirante was manufactured and nationalized in Brazil, in May 1962. The Toyota Bandeirante was sold until 2001, when the production of the vehicle ended.

With some information, in this period of production alone, 103,750 units of the model were manufactured. And if you add to the production that were assembled in CKD, it rises to 104,621 units.

Just as the new Volkswagen Kombi can be produced again, the Toyota Bandeirante also had a projection made to return to the market. This time the car can come fully electric, or also in a hybrid version.

Finally, the car may be called the Compact Cruiser EV, but we know it's the iconic Bandeirante.

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So far, the automaker has yet to say anything about the project. Just released some images of this new electric jeep, but without the forecast to start production.

With these projection images, you can already have an idea of how the new model will come.

Apparently he has a look mixing modern parts with retro parts. It has LED headlights, and has square fenders, just like the old model of the Toyota Bandeirante that was manufactured here in Brazil between 1958 and 2001.

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