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New Chevrolet Seeker 2023 is the big bet

The new Chevrolet Seeker 2023 has just had its debut and is eyeing young people, with the promise of arriving worldwide.

With this new bet by GM for the world of medium SUVs, it will have the 1.5 turbo engine with CVT transmission.

So after it was released with a teaser and some images, Chevrolet has just made the model official in China, with a launch scheduled for the year 2023.

A project that was developed in partnership with “SAIC”, so the model will reach the market with an eye on the younger audience. However the model is larger than the current Tracker and a little smaller than the Equinox.

Finally, the launch is planned for the Chinese market, but we have information that the model will be sold worldwide.

Looking at the model from the outside, it has modern lines and a very robust look. Currently, it is the great highlight for the new look of the cars of Chevrolet.

The front of the car draws attention because of the LEDs on two floors, just like the new generation of the Montana truck.

The car will have the option of the RS version, which will be the most sporty model, with diamond wheels and mirrors with colors that highlight the car more.

Inside the new Chevrolet Seeker, there will be a multimedia center and some other options to try to please young people. The dashboard is all digital, and will feature smart connection, wireless Apple CarPlay and induction charging.

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His engine will be a 1.5 turbo generating 180 hp and CVT automatic transmission. A very strong engine, being able to reach a maximum speed of 205 km/h.

So with some information, sales will start in China, in the next few months, and then it will start to be released for trade in other countries like the USA.

So we have to wait and see when this model arrives in the Brazilian market.

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