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Chevrolet Opala 1988 0km to date

This amazing Chevrolet Opala Diplomata Coupe from the year 1988 continues 0 km in the middle of 2022!

So this Diplomat Opal remains 0 km and has never been licensed. It stands the test of time and remains intact at a dealership.

With some information, this Chevrolet Opala Diplomata 1988 was bought from zero kilometer by “Severino Nunes”, he was the owner and founder of the dealership “Caxangá Veículos”, one of the most famous dealerships in Recife (PE).

Opal became a kind of darling and amulet of the enterprise. According to Diego, who is the businessman who took over Opala and his grandfather's concessionaire,

However, Mr. Severino decided to leave the Diplomat unused, after learning that it would be the last coupe unit to arrive at the “Caxangá Veículos” dealership.

As soon as they announced that there was someone at the dealership who was interested in the Diplomat, he even went into hiding.

There's even a family story, that when someone went home, Mr. Severino offered the Monza or its Omega, but did not release the so-called Opal Diplomat.

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According to Diego, the car was always stored, and only went to the dealership to attract the attention of buyers or those who passed in front of the store, only on festive dates.

The car only goes out on the street to fill up, and sometimes to be washed and sanitized.

The car is definitely not for sale and probably never will be, it's the family amulet and a heirloom from the dealership.

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