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Chevrolet Silverado year 2001 was found 0 km

This 2001 Chevrolet Silverado was stored 0 km for many years, and ended up being found by a rare car hunter.

With some information, the son of a Brazilian rural producer, won his first car. A 2001 Chevrolet Silverado Rodeo in silver schooner.

The truck ran for a while and after a few years it was sold.

After a few years, the same guy had a dream and decided that he would buy another Silverado just like he had before. His only requirement was that the car be 0km and original.

It would certainly be an almost impossible mission, to find an old pickup truck and 0 km.

It would only be impossible if it didn't have the amazing rare car hunter and 0km “Júlio Raridades”

Júlio said that the boy made contact with him and told the story. Thus began the search for the desired model, until finding a rarity according to the owner's request.

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So some time later, Júlio Raridades found this incredible Chevrolet Silverado 2001, in perfect condition.

With some information, the negotiation was long, but on June 01, 2020, the producer managed to fulfill his new dream. The pickup found was a 2001 Silverado totally original and 0 km.

Júlio emphasized that it was a pleasure to help the producer to find the desired car. And that it is a pleasure to help someone make such a dream come true.

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