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Have you ever seen this diesel Volkswagen Beetle 1950?

Meet this incredible diesel Volkswagen Beetle, a very rare example from the year 1950 that never arrived here in Brazil.

We know that the VW Beetle was launched by the German automaker in 1938 and lasted until 2003. With that, throughout all this time, the Beetle had dozens of different versions.

So the rarest version and that maybe few people know existed, was this diesel version from 1950. So let's talk a little more about this rare version of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle.

In the 1950s, diesel was a very cheap fuel, and it was available in large quantities, while gasoline was scarce at that time.

With that, Heinz Nordhoff, who was president of Volkswagen, ordered Porsche to make a Boxer Diesel engine to put in the VW Beetle.

As early as 1951, Volkswagen finalized its design of the first 1.3 L diesel engine for the Beetle.

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The installation was done on a 1950's Beetle, and only two of these models were manufactured. Anyway, only two were made with this naturally aspirated boxer engine.

So this 1950 diesel Volkswagen Beetle was tested and did 0 to 100 km/h in approximately 60 seconds.

With some information, this model never came to Brazil, so we can guarantee that we are talking about a very rare model, or even the rarest model in the entire history of Volkswagen.

Check out this incredible gem in the images below:
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Source: Fixed World

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