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Chevrolet D-20 is forgotten for more than 30 years in the garage

Check out the Chevrolet D-20 found in a garage after 30 years of not being used.

The D-20 model was produced for Chevrolet's large utility line, and was manufactured between 1985 and 1997 by General Motors.

Chevrolet had in its range of utility pick-ups with single and double cabs, or with short or long buckets.

In addition, it also had two 3- and 5-door SUV models, the Chevrolet Bonanza and Veraneio.

Therefore, the name given to the pick-ups was according to the vehicle's fuel. Being the letter D for diesel version.

The A-20 line models, on the other hand, were powered by alcohol and the C line models were powered by gasoline.

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The Chevrolet D-20 was modified in 1993, reformulating the shapes of the headlights and also the panel and front grilles.

Also in the year 1993, the Chevrolet D-20 also brought mechanical innovations to the model, such as Servotronic progressive hydraulic steering and also the clutch with hydraulic actuation.

However, in addition to improvements in the suspension part and also the air filter, which prioritizes external air capture.

As well as the tank with a capacity of 126 liters of fuel.

It also had the reinforcement of the chassis, very similar to that of the light truck D-40, in addition to other remodeling that the automaker chose to make.

The end of the 20th generation took place in 1997, and in its place Chevrolet launched the Silverado, with a more modern design and a more elegant finish.

However, Silverado did not exceed the automaker's expectations, as it brought mechanics similar to its predecessors but without success.

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A rare car hunter found this Chevrolet D-20 Deluxe in zero kilometer condition. Abandoned in a garage for over 30 years without use.

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