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Volkswagen Gol GTS from the year 1994 that continues almost 0 km to this day

In 1987 the Volkswagen Gol had a version added to the model, the famous Gol GTS.

That innovated with its design bringing a new model to the generation, with its front a little lower, bumpers fully enveloping.

The GTS headlights were wider, so they would be the same models that would be used on the VW Parati.

Certainly the model was incredible and, after all, enchanted most Brazilians.

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It came with headlamps to improve lighting at long distances or for fog, side trim combined with the bumper.

There was also a new model of wheels, which are called “water drop”, in short, to finish the look and give all the style to the machine, an airfoil.

Because it is a very fast car, this new version of the Gol maintained its status and was considered the fastest car in Brazil.

In addition, it reached a speed from 0 to 100 km/h in just 10.8 seconds, it was the only sports vehicle to finish the test in less than 11 seconds.

Surely this super performance had an explanation. The Volkswagen Gol GTS came out with the 1.8 AP engine equipped with the 049G valve timing (which was used in the Golf GTI).

The car generated so much power, that for some fiscal reasons at the time, the power had to be declared 99 horsepower, a number that is not compatible with the performance of the GTS.

The real power of the model would be estimated between 105 and 110 horsepower.

Among its great direct competitors, only the Chevrolet Monza S / R (with the 2.0 engine) and the Passat GTS that came close to the absurd power of the Golzinho.

After all, with the redesigned model, the 1991 Volkswagen Gol GTS faced the Ford Escort XR3 with 1.8 engine or 1.6 R engine, it certainly remained unbeatable in terms of its cost and incredible performance.

If we analyze the numbers, he lost only to the Kadett GSi and the Gol GTI, both models relying on the 2.0 liter engine.

The 1991 GTS continued with its roar and stability without any changes. Unfortunately, it was noticeable in the performance, it went from 0 to 100 km/h in approximately 11.8 seconds.

The 1994 Gol GTS had power steering, but unfortunately it was discontinued with the arrival of the second generation.

Not long ago, one of the greatest hunters of rare cars, the incredible “Reginaldo de Campinas” found this rare Volkswagen Gol GTS Super, which had been abandoned for a long time in this garage.

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The owner informed that he bought the 0km vehicle in 1994. However, due to some fights between his children, for not being able to share the use of the car, he solved the problem by prohibiting the use of the machine.

This made this incredible Volkswagen Gol GTS an original 100% and with only 3,111 km driven to date.

So first of all, this VW GOL GTS you are seeing in the pictures. It is a unique rarity, a totally original factory relic, which has never been restored.

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