Ford presents project to generate water from air conditioning

The big news is to offer the water that comes out of the air conditioning, for the users of Ford vehicles to drink.

Practically a drinking fountain that generates water from the condensation of moisture in the air. It was the project presented in a competition that had, from the company's employees Ford.

If you happen to have air conditioning in your car or house, you can finally see that it generates water.

This is because the moisture in the air condenses on the coil in the air conditioning, which is always channeled to a point outside the house or car.

Now with the idea of these two Ford employees, there will be no more waste of water. Which will be channeled and filtered, in order to reuse and drink.

So the great creators of this project are Doug Martin and John Rollinger. An incredible project that reuses the water that would be thrown away, to filter and pump in a type of drinking fountain that will be inside the cars.

Ultimately they chose to place the water fountain in a strategic position. It will be placed right next to the cup holder, which is always in the vehicle's center console.

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The inventors of this project did it thinking about not wasting our fresh water. Something that is getting scarcer every day to find.

Finally, with some information, the system can generate up to two liters of water. So it would be more interesting, not having to stop on the roads to buy water, and also reduce environmental pollution with PET bottles.

Unfortunately we still don't have information on when it will be released and finally released to the market.

All we know is that the project was a finalist at World Changing in 2017, so it was an event focused on business and innovation, powered by Fast Company.

Source: Four wheels

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