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Found Ford Escort GL 1987 still zero km

One of the biggest hunters and dealers of old vehicles, Júlio Raridades, found a 1987 copy of one of the best selling Ford models in Brazil at that time.

Anyway, this incredible Escort GL 1987 still has an insignificant 00493 kilometers on its odometer.

It can be considered a zero kilometer car, after more than 30 years of its departure from the Ford automaker.

The Escort GL found by Júlio, in Batatais, in the interior of São Paulo, still has its seats covered with the plastic that came from its purchase.

In the car you can still smell the scent again. Who doesn't like it, right?

photo reproduction

As you can see in the photos, the Escort GL is in Gold Quartz Metallic, in an excellent color combination, with its monochromatic interior and brown bumpers. It has the original factory paint, and is still in perfect condition.

With a five-speed manual gearbox and a CHT 1.6 GL engine, the Escort had a maximum power of 74 hp at 5200 rpm and a maximum torque of 12.6 kgfm at 2400 rpm.

This model at the time reached 0 to 100 km/h in 12.6 seconds and reached a top speed of 157 km/h.

In addition to its tires being original from the factory, after all it has all its seals and seals, as if the Escort had just left the Ford factory.

The real story of this Escort is that it was actually a gift that a daughter received from her father, but she ended up creating a very strong trauma after her brother died in a car accident.

Because it was a very special gift from her father, she didn't want to get rid of the vehicle despite her trauma never having passed during these 35 years.

Even not using it, the former owner kept periodically calling a mechanic to do all the necessary revisions and maintenance. Leaving the entire interior, with seats and linings still in perfect condition.

The Ford Escort arrived in Brazil in 1983, being the first Ford world-class vehicle to be sold on Brazilian soil. When the Escort arrived in the Brazilian market, it was already in its third generation in Europe.

This car certainly fits into profiles for the most demanding collectors, and doesn't need any kind of presentations or questions about the vehicle, 100% car complete!

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So this model is really impeccable after 35 years of manufacture. The vehicle still has an instruction manual and the original spare key.

Júlio also said that the owner resisted his proposals a lot, due to the sentimental attachment that still existed in that vehicle. In the end, she ended up accepting it and now he is available at the company Júlio Raridades.

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