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Volkswagen SP2 1976 goes up for auction in the US

The incredible Volkswagen SP2 was a sports model that the automaker made to be used in Brazil.

At the time, SP2 was produced between 1972 and 1976, the year when the country was closed to imports.

We know that these car models are rare and very difficult to find, even more in good condition. So this was a model they found in the USA, it's a copy of the year 1976.

From the photos it looks well maintained, from what we've seen, a collector made his announcement, to free up space in his house for another acquisition he already has in mind.

photo reproduction

The Volkswagen SP2 1976 is for sale on eBay, where bids approached U$ 7,600.00 (approximately R$39,200.00), but unfortunately it has not yet been sold.

Volkswagen's SP2 model, which meant "São Paulo", at the time it was inspired by the Volkswagen Variant, another car model in the Brazilian market. Due to Karmann Ghia that was finishing its production, so VW innovated and brought the SP2 in place.

So his project was developed in the year 1971, but the production was only approved in the next year.

The new Volkswagen model had an air-cooled engine, with 1700cc and approximately 75 hp of power.

The VW SP2 was made of fiberglass, and had a production of 10,025 over the five years. Finally, Volkswagen managers say that only 670 of these SP2 were exported, and that the rest stayed here in Brazil.

So we don't know if this particular SP2 was one of the few exported.

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Its structure and paintwork seem to be well taken care of, it even seems to be the original paintwork of the car. In the ad it says that the inside of the car is also in perfect condition.

The only thing he forgot to put in was the car's mileage, which unfortunately isn't in the vehicle ad.

The owner of this SP2 makes a point of saying that the engine is original with a 4-speed transmission system, the original model of the car at that time.

We are certainly talking about a very beautiful car, which we would probably have to look hard to find, in Brazil or in the USA, at least one in this condition.

The Volkswagen SP2 was very successful at the time it was launched, a beautiful, light car with an engine and gearbox that made it go a lot. Surely he was and still is many people's dream!

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