Trucks that were featured in 2022

If you're curious to know which trucks were featured in 2022, keep reading and check out the list we've separated for you below.

At the beginning of the second quarter of 2022, Agrishow, the largest agribusiness fair, held an exhibition in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo.

During this fair, there was an exhibition of the main truck launches of the year 2022.

Thus, if you want to know which trucks are the highlights of 2022, see which vehicles are below.

Among the brands that were present at Agrishow were Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Volkswagen, Iveco and DAF.

Among the trucks that were present, we have the Mercedes-Benz Axor 3131 model.

In this model you will find an autonomous steering model from Grunner, which uses technology to run with greater precision just beside the harvester.

Therefore, the objective of this automation is to increase the efficiency in the transshipment of the load and avoid trampling the sugarcane sprouts.

When it comes to the TRATON group, Scania was one of the featured car models.

The P280 8×4 model is intended to be like the Mercedes-Benz Axor 3131, but the automation is level 2.

That is, it needs you to perform accelerations, braking and maneuvers.

The VW Delivery 11.180 4×4 was one of the featured trucks at the Agrishow with test-drive.

It is worth remembering that this model was the only one in the 4×4 medium truck segment.

In this way, this truck has larger entry and exit angles, blocking between the axles for more efficiency.

In 4th place, we have the Iveco brand, which presented several models, such as the Daily, Tector, Hi-Road and Hi-Way.

Finally, we have the DAF branded models.

During the exhibition at Agroshow, people were able to check out the 2022 models of the XF and CF ranges.

Therefore, Agroshow exposed the most powerful trucks when it comes to the field and loading loads.

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